Saving history for one, or a dream project for another.

Have you looked at the Classifieds section on this website?  Just during the last week, 1,641 people viewed the classifieds with most clicking deeper into a particular item of interest.  There could be lots of reasons:

  • Curious to see what is out there
  • Looking for a specific model
  • Finding something similar to their own boat to establish a value
  • They’re ready for a new project to utilize or develop their own skills
  • Maybe checking their own ad

If you are looking at Classifieds and wondering how to place an ad, there is a tag at the top labeled “Place Ad“.  When you click that, these are the instructions:

Pricing for the Rudder classifieds:  ACBS members get one 30 word ad a year free, each additional word $1.00 each.  Photos additional $25 one photo only.

Pricing for the Website classifieds:  For $10 you can place your ad on-line for 90 days along with up to four photos at $5 each.

Additional Facebook promotion:  $5 if you are placing in both the Rudder and on-line

Non-members or Commercial ads:  $2.50 per word and require a minimum of $30.00 per classified ad.

Once you submit your ad, you’ll be contacted by Stacy from ACBS Headquarters during business hours. She’ll collect your money and place your ad. or call (315) 686-2628

Appearing soon will be an ad for the boat pictured above – it’s a rescue boat. ( you know – instead of a rescue dog)

Ken Gimbal, a member of the Inland Empire Chapter, rescued this boat when he heard that the last owner had given up on it and was going to have it destroyed.  Ken sent along this information with the picture:

“Last in the water in 1994 in Southern California this craft has had a few restoration starts and stops along the way. Hull Number R-20-782 puts the craft at the 7th to the last 20 footer to be built. A member of our club bought and moved this boat from Santee California to CDA ID in 2004… built replacement seats, new cutwater, restored the original power plant and transmission so It now has a host of new/refurbished components and a beautifully appointed MBL ready to drop in.

“The hull is in acceptable condition to replace the few hull and deck boards as needed and perhaps a 3M 5200 bottom applied. I will not be tackling this project so it is available to the next ambitious member of our beloved ACBS!”

When you are ready to write an ad, think about the questions a potential buyer might ask – and include that information.  Ken will be able to tell about the re-chromed parts and the trailer, etc.

Someone will buy this rescue boat.  I can’t wait to share the rest of the story.




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