By Ed Andrews, Chapter Development Committee Chair

Whether you’re an old captain that’s been around the horn, or a newbie still trying to get your sea legs under you, we know there is something new for you to learn.

In our effort to help Chapter Leaders continue to develop in their roles, we will be holding our  next virtual roundtable meeting on Wednesday, January 18 at 7 PM EST.  This roundtable will focus on chapter officers both new and experienced. Our goal will be to help new incoming officers understand their roles and the resources that are available to them through the ACBS.  In addition, we hope to develop a dialogue with experienced chapter officers who can share ideas and processes that have helped their particular chapter.

We realize that no two chapters are the same, so there’s no cookie-cutter formula that works for everyone. We hope that through meetings such as this can help each chapter develop their own best practices which will in turn help the entire organization.

This Chapter Roundtable is being led by Ed Andrews, Mid-Atlantic Chapter, and Scott Mason, Pacific Northwest Chapter.

We request that you email your questions ahead of time to

Please go to to register for the meeting. The Zoom link is included on the event registration page.

We look forward to seeing everybody online on January 18th!

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