A huge auction is scheduled for April 20th and 21st.  You may participate in person or online.  

Mahogany Outfitters is the source of the interesting and valuable items offered through Hahn Auctioneers.  Click here for the complete Auction Flyer
If you can’t be there in person, online bidding is available at proxibid.

Now, a bit more about the connection between Mahogany Outfitters and ACBS:  This amazing collection has been amassed by Dr. Roger Pacina and displayed as a museum for the public to learn from and admire.  Dr, Pacina and Charyl have been ACBS members since 2001.  They also maintain chapter memberships in Blackhawk, Indiana, Water Wonderland and Michigan Chapters.

Dr. Pacina has been a  $1000.00 sponsor of five classic boat shows with a five-year commitment to each.  He also provides beautiful glass trophies each year, as a sponsor, for the best use/promotion of an Early Classic Fiberglass Boat.  

Roger also supports ACBS in additional ways by advertising through ACBS, such as placing a full-page ad on the back page of the Rudder for a year.

Mahogany Outfitters, located at 980 E. State Street, Cassopolis, Michigan, is best described as room after room of vintage boats often trailered behind classic cars from the same year. Dr. Pecina and his crew have filled the former Haydee-Beardslee Ford dealership and have been doing so since September 2010, when the museum first opened.

The museum is an intricate collection of beautiful and historic pieces, boasting anywhere from 80-100 of the rarest and most historic boats in the Midwest. Celebrating, in particular, the historic transition from wooden boats to fiberglass, Mahogany Outfitters has an impressive and rare collection.

You will need to go to the Auction Flyer to see the extent of the vintage items that are included in this sale.  The pictures here are just a drop in the bucket to pique your curiosity.

Retro 50’s 60’s 70’s  …   just imagine   …

Antique to Late Classic

economy to elegant

Signs, Petroliana, Working Vending machines

lots of wheels to go   

What was your favorite number?

Thank you to Dennis Mykols for sharing this information, giving us the opportunity to attend, or bid on-line, at this Auction April 20 and 21st. This will be a clearance of Dr. Roger Pecina’s fantastic “Mahogany Outfitters” collection of all things marine related.  Dennis says, “Sad to see the Museum going away but Dr. Pecina is changing course in his love of Classic Boats.”


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