by Doug & Ann Van Meter member of the Water Wonderland & Sunnyland chapters

After our two kids were out of college, married and on their own we started thinking about a wooden boat. With a cottage on the lake, we had a pontoon boat but the memories of the wooden boats on the lake when we were growing up was still in the back of our minds.

After a two year search one was located in Indiana about 40 miles from us, the price was finally agreed upon which included the lift and trailer.
We were aware the boat required a complete restoration but decided to put the restoration off for two years, we were having too much fun!!

In the Fall of 2006 it was time for dry dock and complete restoration. Arrangements were made with a professional restorer to do the wood work on the hull only. I stripped the boat completely down to the hull and delivered it to the the restorer. During the restoration I made many trips to check the restoration progress and to learn as much as I could just in case I wanted to take on another boat on my own!

When the wood work was complete including a 5200 bottom, the only original wood left was three planks on each side and the top half of each frame.
I brought the boat home on a dry day and spent two years completing the restoration, making the furniture, upholstering, faring,sanding and finishing.

With the hull completely finished it was time to install the engine, which was original however I decided to pull the pan and take a look, surprise surprise things did not look good, just replacing gaskets and seals was not the answer!!! a complete overhaul was necessary. With the overhaul completed and the engine reinstalled we were ready for the big day!!!

We decided to pick a day during the week of July 4th. 2011 to launch the boat. What a day it was, it went off with out a hitch, much enjoyment was had by all and we continue to enjoy the boat each year.

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