by Rolf Lium member of the New England chapter

I paddle mostly in N.A. on Lake Winnipesaukee, once I took her across the US paddling in various rivers and lakes. I lived in Minnesota for 4 years and I explored the waters there with the Folbot.

The outer skin is one piece and the frame is a combination of aluminum rods and supported by a wood pieces to hold them in place. The assembly requires some muscle, better done by two people. These days I leave her assembled.

This 1966 15′ Folbot is durable and I have done no work on her other than cleaning. I am careful not to scrape bottom or drag her over rough surfaces, she is always stored under cover. The kayak is excellent in rough water, the shape of the bow allows water to run off easily. Although I own a 1935 Hacker Craft, the Folbot is perfect for getting close to the elements and peace of mind.

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