Period Attire to Enhance Your Boat Show Presentation
by Judy Hills, roving ACBS reporter

It is nice to see ACBS, boat manufacturer, and other boating-related logo shirts worn by owners showing their boats at the boat shows.  But what if you kicked it up a notch or two by wearing attire appropriate to the period of the boat?  The clothing and accessories don’t have to be old—they just have to look period-correct.  Remember we are trying to attract families to this sport we love.  This is one way to get spouses involved and to make our shows more interesting to a wider population.

For example, I am always tickled to see the old-style helmets and goggles being worn by people on the “go-fast” race boats at the ACBS shows.  That is such a seemingly small thing, but it really makes the viewing public feel more like they are back in the day. 

Here are two photos taken at ACBS boat shows:  a bathing beauty and a lady of leisure out for ride.  Many people attend boat shows to take photos.  As a photographer, these two definitely caught my eye.  If you are going to sit in a boat at a boat show, you might as well make it interesting!


Looking for period costumes could be a fun way to spend winter when boating isn’t an option.  In addition to thrift stores, there are online stores selling period costumes.  Here is a link to a couple of sites: (sort by time period) Those of you who sew or who have a seamstress willing to create clothing for you should check out the Old Time Patterns on this website:  Or if you just want to get funky, check out this site:

So give this some thought as you prepare for the ACBS boat shows starting with the Sunnyland show in Tavares March 22-25, 2018.

Headline picture above is taken from a vintage sign by   .

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  1. Nice article, Judy. I love the suggestions you made by providing an actual link to a site than will help our members locate appropriate boating attire.

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