by Kenneth Ryker member of the Sunnyland chapter

I have been racing r/c boats and my favorite boat has been my 30 inch electric Shovel nose hydroplane that is called the Miss K. The hull was designed from Ed Karelson’s and I like the way this boat handled the water. I decided the boat was having to much fun and that I wanted to build one that I could drive! I had built 9 of these r/c boats that were from a kit and took all the frame work and multiplied by 5 to get a 150 inch hull. I started the project in October of 2018 making templates of the frame members. I also had to make fiber glass molds for the front and rear cowls. All wood construction then fiber glass top and bottom. I used a 670 cc twin engine Predicter. The drive train is a torque converter to a Jackshaft with chain drive to the drive shaft of the boat, this is so I have neutral when the motor is started. I loved boats all my life from living on the Mullica river in South Jersey since I was 5 years old. I’m a wood worker by trade and really enjoyed this project and still have templates to maybe build one more! I can’t wait to show the boat at Tavares Florida in March 2020.

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