End of an era for the RDC Triangle Chapter – no more “Pig”

This story was submitted by Jim Alexander, member of the RDC Triangle Chapter of ACBS.

Every Chapter has a few stalwarts who do things that hold the chapter together and make things happen. For the last many years for our chapter that has been John Justice…a man for all seasons and his wonderfully available storage and maintenance facility “the Pig.” The name derives from the building’s former use as a Piggly Wiggly market.  

Can you imagine having more storage and work space than the whole chapter could use? We have had it, thanks to John. Got a new boat & no space to store it until the old boat sells?  Need a place to pull a motor or prop shaft? Need someone to help wrestle a windshield into place? Got an engine problem & need help?  Need to relocate a trailer axle? Looking for a place and leader for a tech session? We have been so lucky to have one member help so many people so often for so long a period. 

We have been busy lately helping John move & disperse an armada of boats, engines, planking, tools, and parts now that the building sale has been finalized. It’s a fitting way for members to say “Thanks!” for the support and camaraderie that this building has witnessed. But the old Pig will surely be missed by us all…  


The headline picture at the top of this post is John Justice with “Last Nickel”, a 1947 Chris Craft U-22 which he recently restored. John is a member of the RDC Triangle Chapter and the Sunnyland Chapter.  He has been an ACBS member since 2006.  He is currently working on a 1958 Chris Craft 21 ft Continental named Fins.

Thank you, Jim Alexander, for sharing this story.

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