The Mountainview Woodies Classic Boat Club of Maine held its third annual spring cruise on June 3rd. 

Thank you, Rick Filiau, vice president of the Mountainview Woodies Classic Boat Club of Maine Chapter, for sending pictures and video of the event for us to enjoy.

Classic boats from this chapter gathered at the town dock in Harrison, Maine which is at the point where the Long Lake and Chrystal Lake meet.

By 10:00 am the boats were ready for a casual tour down the lake stopping for lunch at the Freedom Cafe in Naples, Maine, about a ten-mile trip.

The sky looked ominous, but pretty smooth water for the morning cruise.  After lunch, the wind picked up for a rougher ride home even though the patches of blue were growing.


Rick compiled pictures and video of the event.  You can just feel the cool breezes of the spring day in Maine.



Thank you to Rick Filiau and the Mountainview Woodies Chapter for this pictorial report.

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