ACBS is your resource for all things relating to historic, antique, and classic boating.

Our members are as different as the boats they love, but what they have in common is a passion and a love for this classic boating community. ACBS members are young people, old people, war veterans, business executives, people who tinker, people who collect. They are from all walks of life, all over the world. Some have boats, some do not.

Some ACBS members are expert boat restorers and builders. Some are suppliers of boat hardware and materials. Some are members of multiple chapters. Some are expert photographers.

On these pages and in our ACBS Rudder magazine you’ll see the beautiful photography of the following members:

  • Forrest Bryant
  • Maggi Cassell
  • Kent O. Smith, Jr.
  • Steve Lapkin
  • Steve Sturtz
  • Wes Yandt
  • Plus, all of those who contribute stories and photos to our news items

ACBS members have a love of antique and classic boats and boating. They appreciate originality, craftsmanship, historic accuracy. Won’t you join us!