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ACBS will be offering a Resto-Mod Class as a trial-run for the 2023 International Show in Bay Harbor, Michigan. Our intention is to provide members an opportunity for restored, modified and/or customized boats 25 years and older to have their boats judged against similarly restored boats. Items such as modern or non-original power, control systems, instrumentation, hardware, upholstery, lighting, swim platforms, thrusters, heat & a/c systems, sound systems and other post-manufacturing customizations could be reasons for choosing to enter your boat into the Resto-Mod Class. Contemporary boats will not be accepted into this class.

Judging criteria: The entry must be a restoration, modification and/or customization of a vessel 25 years and older, that doesn’t fit well into other judging classes. Judging is subjective and based on the following criteria: Fit and Finish, Function, Quality, Craftsmanship and Creativity.

The judging for this class will be separate and apart from our standard judging, with a dedicated judging team. Only one award will be given for this class at the 2023 International Show, a “Best of Show Resto-Mod” trophy will be presented. Our traditional awards of Silver, Gold and Platinum will not be applied to this class.

After the show, we would appreciate any feedback you might have about how to improve the definition and judging of this class going forward.

Judging guidelines for the Resto-Mod Class are attached here: Resto-Mod Judging Information Packet.

Additional Information on Judging can be found on the Judging page: ACBS Boat Classifications and Judging



  1. This is an excellent action and now includes more industrial artists. Congratulations ACBS leadership for looking forward to the future of our hobby.

  2. Great Move! Opens recognition and more participation to those that struggle with keeping original versus struggling with ever harder to find parts, required Safety Laws that force modifications (i.e.: Kill switch), and new technology which enables many the ability to at least use and have fun with their passion.

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