Four schools have been chosen to receive scholarship funds from the ACBS Scholarship Endowment Fund.

These Scholarship Schools will see that a student in an approved program will be given financial assistance in their pursuit of learning skills and craftsmanship needed to sustain our vintage boating heritage.

The four Scholarship Schools for 2016 are:

  • Great Lakes Boat Building School – Currently has 16 students with a recruiter goal of 24 students in two years.
  • The Landing School – Currently 70 students in the school with the Marine and Composite programs being the largest with 13-14 students in each. Working to “green up” program, out-sourcing wood locally to improve the carbon footprint, state of the art equipment.
  • IYRS – Programs always evolving. At present, there are 41 students in the boat building program, 21-22 in each year’s class.
  • Seattle Wood Construction Center – Currently there are 20 students in the program, and are now working on electrical study.

Two more schools have been suggested and are being studied by the Scholarship Committee.

You may donate directly to this Scholarship Endowment Fund through this website.  When renewing your ACBS membership, you may also add a donation. In addition, participating in the Scholarship Auction held during the Annual Meeting week in September is a very fun way to support the Scholarship Endowment Fund.

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