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The Smith Mountain Lake Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society recently held our Spring Snoop Tour, where over 15 club members snooped around the workshops of 4 of our members to see their various projects and treasures. 

Bob’s Outboards Photo Credit John Seal

Our first stop was in Wirtz at Bob Pennoyer’s shop, which is the envy of organization and cleanliness.  Bob is one of our club’s outboard motor experts and he had over 20 restored, antique outboards on display.  He is nearing completion on the restoration of his 1954 15’ Lyman and the 1956 Scott-Atwater motor that will power it is completed and awaiting installation.     

Bob’s Lyman Photo Credit John Seal

We then headed south to Union Hall and visited David and Olena Kuhfahl’s garage workshop.  David is making great progress on a scratch built, 19’ barrel back style boat that will be powered by a brand-new GM Vortec V6 engine.  Proving that you can never have too much garage, Dave is also utilizing space in a neighbor’s workshop to repair and restore his 1955 21’ Chris Craft Capri.  One of Dave’s neighbors accidentally crashed the boat into his own dock and eventually sold it to Dave. 

Kuhfahl Barrel Back Photo Credit John Seal

The next stop was on the Bedford side of the lake in Huddleston to see the amazing collection of treasures that one of our longest tenured members, Larry Tarves, has collected over the years.  He has 10 antique inboard engines of various makes just waiting for opportunities to be refreshed and live again.  He also owns a very cool, never completed, Hacker Gentlemen’s Racer hull that is rough finished and needs to be powered and fitted from the ground up.  At the front of the shop was Larry’s user boat, a 1946 22’ Chris Craft Utility that looks great and still has its’ original, 77-year-old bottom.    

Tarves Engines Photo Credit John Seal


Tarves Racer Photo Credit John Seal

Our last stop was at the Huddleston shop of John and Beth Coffman, for an excellent lunch and to see the substantial progress he has made since our last visit on the three boats that he is actively working on. 

SML Spring Snoop Tour Group Photo Credit Steve Miller

For further chapter information check our website  or contact Chapter President John Coffman at (443) 204-6500 or email: .

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