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Here in Clayton, NY, we’ve been celebrating the holidays for the past few weeks, including at the Annual Christmas Parade. The Clayton Christmas Parade is good old small town fun, and people line the streets to see the how the floats and fire trucks get decorated. The night is then topped off with fireworks over the St. Lawrence River.

  Here is the report from TI Chapter President, Randy Fletcher:

“Saturday December 2nd was Clayton’s Christmas Parade.  It was very chillllyyyyy. Heidi and I arrived with our decked out UTV around 4:30ish (see attachments), got in line, we were #21.










There were over 70 entrants for the parade. The Parade then started at 6:00pm sharp. The onlookers were on both sides of the road, from Webb St. and Route 12 all the way down to Riverside Drive, then up James Street to Mary Street, with the end right in front of ACBS Headquarters.  Hundreds of kids, and big kids (adults) cheering the procession. Heidi driving the UTV, we had 4 bags of tootsie rolls 360 pieces each bag. We threw candy out both sides of the vehicle. There were a few times where we almost hit the fire truck in front of us, as we were too involved in the candy throw. Close calls. We were surprised how many folks said thank you. We love the “boat”. The UTV was decorated with 2-wooden Christmas Trees, with a wood boat that looks similar to a skiff with wrapped boxes in it, flashing lights, and a small Neptune outboard motor mounted on the stern of the UTV. We had a great time promoting our Chapter. There was also a GIANT Radio Flyer wagon (see attachments). Wish you could have been there.”









Our friends at the Antique Boat Museum also decorated one of their sailboats… and a local real estate company pulled a decorated Lyman…so boats were well represented in the parade.

In the comments below… tell us how what you are wishing for this holiday season…or how you’ve been celebrating. Send images to Lora at

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