Have you been to a nautical museum lately?

ACBS is your connection to over 50 museums which specifically preserve historical information about boats and boating. 

Click here for the links to Museums with their locations.
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These are not your grandma’s museums anymore where you smell dust and see mostly DO NOT TOUCH signs.  

As the list was compiled and links to their websites established, it became evident that these museums were also:

  • providing hands-on learning about the skills of building vessels for adults

Whether you want to build your own boat or just understand more completely the boat that you already have, many museums offer classes for adults, children, or families.

Maybe you want to get a taste of the skills needed before committing to a technical school.

Or maybe you are planning a three-generation vacation with creative opportunities. 

Center for Wooden Boats – Seattle, WA

  • providing classes for younger age groups or for families  

    Reedville Fishermen’s Museum ready for Family Boat Build weekend


  • teaching how to safely use boats for enjoyment  

    Maine Maritime Museum


  • serving as a repository for boat records  

    Chris Craft Archives at the Mariners Museum, Newport News, VA


  • providing venues and co-sponsorship for ACBS boat shows 

    Tidewater Chapter’s 2017 Boat Show at Reedville Fishermen’s Museum


  • and promoting the desirability of vintage boats and boating by holding their own classic boat shows. 

    from the Antique Boat Museum website

These are just a few examples from the Museum websites. Click here to find one in your area or look for one near your vacation destination.  They have a lot to offer that is interesting, educational, useful, and just plain fun to know.

What are YOU doing with your boat this summer?

  • include the boat owner’s name
  • year, manufacturer, model of boat, and given name
  • tell home port or where picture was taken
  • give credit to the photographer if known

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