Sunnyland Chapter is one of 54 chapters of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.

By clicking on Sunnyland Chapter you will learn much more about them and reach their website, too.  The core of the Sunnyland membership is made of Florida residents, some full time, others there just for the winter months.  Over 500 ACBS members are also members of the Sunnyland Chapter.

Map of Sunnyland Chapter members

 Most of the Sunnyland Chapter activities take place from September through April, although the chapter holds quarterly meetings during the summer. The famous “Boat Festival” is always near the end of March at Tavares, Florida, with boating on Lake Dora, through the Dora Canal and into the Harris Chain of Lakes.  This is one of the largest boat shows drawing a very large attendance.

The Sunnyland Chapter sponsors two trips on the St. Johns River each year as bookends to the Boat Festival, a southbound trip prior to the show, and northbound following.

Sunnyland Chapter is well known for its SCAMPY program ( (Sunnyland Chapter Apprentice Mentoring Program for Youth).  How many young people have learned the technical skills to build a wooden boat over the years?  To date, there have been 29 of the eight-foot hydroplanes built. Now the program is venturing into building a more “family friendly” boat from a Glen L pattern. The Chapter raises funds to support the project, even more importantly, members mentor the youth and their families as they construct their own personal watercraft.  

Sheerline, the quarterly publication of the Sunnyland Chapter, is always full of technical advice on how to best preserve or restore vintage craft and engines.

54 International Chapters of ACBS

The Antique and Classic Boat Society has 54 Chapters throughout the United States, Canada, and France. ACBS members who affiliate with a home chapter find a group of friends with whom to share boating experiences, boat stories, and the skills needed to maintain and/or preserve and restore their vintage boats.  Inevitably, the genuine relationships formed at the chapter level are always mentioned when an ACBS member is asked why they value their ACBS membership.

Please share information about your chapter events to be posted on this website.  Anyone can do that.  You may email up to six pictures and text to

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