The Boating Season is officially OPEN!

Hurricane Irma tried to wipe out the Festival Venue. But the Sunnyland ACBS members and the City of Tavares still put on a FANTASTIC party with over 100 boats and people galore – who brought boats or came to see the boats – and friends.

Saturday was about the Symposiums, a Scampy Parade in the water, a style show in Mt. Dora, Field of Dreams, and impromptu social gatherings with business on the side.

SYMPOSIUMS  Five topics were presented by professional restorers who are also ACBS members. 

“Hands-On” boats out in the yard gave participants the chance to see the process of removing and replacing planks both on a lapstrake and a runabout bottom.
Presenters were Brian Keen and Karl Weinert. 

Maintaining and fixing carburetors, distributors, transmissions, and fuel and water pumps was discussed and illustrated by Don Wilson. 

Research about the original boat and documentation of a restoration add to the value of the boat and becomes information to share with others. Topic presented by Pete DeVito.  

Trailer safety wasn’t a dull topic as Dennis Ryan presented it with pictures to illustrate the good and the bad. Helpful checklists were distributed – lots of things to check!  

“There is an uptick in the today’s market for vintage boats!” reports Rob Lyon. The market is changing. Families are interested in investing in a family-friendly boat that is unique and ready to use.

  • The next ACBS Symposium will be May 18, 2018, at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY.
  • Even more topics will be presented at the International ACBS Show in Port Huron, MI on Sept. 14 and 15, 2018/


SCAMPY, the youth mentoring program of the Sunnyland Chapter, had a great display plus boats built within the program that were on parade during the show.  The program has expanded to have a program now in Jacksonville, FL area.



In 2017, Tom Flood bought one of the offerings in the Field of Dreams.  It’s been his winter project in the Temple of Restoration.  Imagination, skill, and hard work are being put into this beautiful project. (headline picture above)

This year’s Field of Dreams offered all sizes, all conditions, a wide range of ages.  There were lots of people who were imagining one of those dreams following them home.


What’s going on in your chapter?

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  1. It was a GREAT show! Our 3rd year – we look forward to it all winter! It seems like I see so many people I want to catch up with that I miss some of the boats, so thank you for a nice recap!

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