Sunnyland Chapter of ACBS will put on a show!

…as usual, the last full weekend in March.  …as usual, on Lake Dora.  There will just be some new twists this year because Hurricane Irma did her own twisting of the Tavares Docks.

Plans are already in place for the 37th great festival on Lake Dora which will have the theme “Sunnyland Beach Party” The location will still be Tavares, Florida and Mt. Dora, Florida. Lake Dora is about 35 miles north of Orlando, FL.

Both Gilbert Park in Mt. Dora and Wooten Park in Tavares will be utilized and there will be a new train running between the two all during the event.

Wooten Park will showcase the:

Field of Dreams

Nautical Flea Market

Woody Cars and Antique Outboard Motors

The Antique and Classic Boat Society will have its Quarterly Board Meeting at Mission Inn at Howey in the Hills on Thursday, March 22, 2018.

Friday’s Picnic will be at Gilbert Park at the Mt. Dora end of the lake.   There will be special displays such as projects from the SCAMPY program.

The Saturday Schedule will include a Ladies Lunch at the Yacht Club in Mt. Dora and symposia presentations throughout the day.

There will a huge variety of historic, antique, classic, late classic, and contemporary boats on land, some beached, and filling the docks that are available.

Beach Bands and great food will make this a fun festival.  And YES, there will be both North and South Saint Johns River Cruises.  Stay tuned.

Will we see you there?

“Almost Eight” at Gilbert Park 2006


    • Well, I I suppose a good question for the uninitiated. Lake Dora is situated between Mt. Dora and Tavares, both cities in Lake county Florida. Google maps will get you there by car, otherwise the site is about 35 miles North and slightly West of Orlando, Florida.. The event in question generally opens the antique and classic boating season as many boats in Canada and the Northeast are still finding their way out of the ice and snow and Florida temperatures are quite inviting that time of year. Come and bring a boat or just watch. Once you’ve been there you will never want to miss another annual Lake Dora event.

    • Field of Dreams, Flea Market, Sponsors’ Displays, and vendors will all still be in Wooten Park, Tavares, Florida.

      • I am pretty certain that the field of dreams and lea market will be at Wooten Park in Tavares as pointed out. The in water part of the show will be in Mt Dora at Gilbert Park. There will be a train to transport boat show spectators and participants to and from each location. The distance between the two locations is about 5 miles along the lake shore drive past beautiful homes, boat houses and gardens. Hope to see you there. Bert Harris.

        • I hope you’re not saying that the boats in water display will only be in Mount Dora and NOT in Tavares. That would be disappointing!

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