This past Saturday members of the Sunnyland Chapter gathered at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida to give rides to the servicemen and women and their families as part of their waterfront family day event. Organized by Sunnyland Past President Guy Marvin III, this is the third year we have been invited to participate.


Twelve Sunnyland members attended with seven boats providing rides throughout the day. Boats included Bob Breidert’s 1928 28′ Chris Craft Triple, Guy Marvin’s 1936 22′ CC Custom triple, Gerald Dake’s U22, Alan Wright’s 1959 17′ CC Ski Boat, Don Johnson’s 1963 CC Golden Arrow, Bill Hancock’s 1959 19′ Sebino and Bill Root’s 1962 22′ Shepherd. A fiberglass late 60’s Century and a Greavette Dippy were also on land display.


This year we gave rides to nearly 250 service personnel and their families. Our boats were going nonstop and we loved it. Thanks to Guy Marvin for giving the Sunnyland Chapter the opportunity to say thank you to our service men and women whose tireless efforts every day allow the rest of us to live in relative peace and safety.


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