Photos by A. Hanson, ACBS Headquarters

There were two beautiful Chris-Craft Super Sports that attended The Antique Boat Museum’s 2022 boat show this past August. Here’s a closer look at each…


Name: Gus’ Minion

Owner: Gus Lombardi

Boat: 1976 Chris-Craft Super Sport Ski Boat

Length: 17’6″

Engine: 1976 Chris-Craft 305K


Owner: Elaina Pirro, Thousand Islands ACBS Member

Boat: 1969 Chris-Craft Commander Super Sport

Length: 19′

Engine: Chris-Craft 327Q

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  1. I just LOVE late ’60s and ’70s sport boats. This was the era before tournament ski boats became family boats. The Chris Craft Super Sports, the 16′ and 18′ Donzis, the Formula Jr., the original Sea Ray SRX Pachangas!… If you had one of these boats with an 8 track tape player installed, a pair of aviator shades and a puka bead necklace, you were THE MAN!

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