By Ron Raven member of ACBS

In 2006 I was living in the state of Washington when I saw this 1971 Sweet 16 Donzi listed on a Craig’s listing in NJ. Luckily I was scheduled to attend a conference in NJ. I contacted the owner and went to Saddlebrook, NJ to inspect the boat.

The original owner Mr. Ehrhardt purchased the Donzi July 5, 1971 from Cove Marina for $6,900.00. When I saw the boat in 2006 I was amazed that the boat was still all original. Nothing had been altered. I purchased the boat from the daughter of Mr. Ehrhardt whom had passed away. The boat had always been garaged when not in use. I had the boat shipped from NJ to the state of Washington. During the summer it is driven on Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park, Washington.

The history of the Donzi is quite interesting. In the 1960’s Don Aronow created the Donzi line of boats in Miami, Florida. Don Aronow was the off shore powerboat champion for years.

The original engine still runs strong. The original gel coat is in good condition and the seat upholstery looks brand new. I have replaced the gas tank.

I live in Florida nine months of the year. I always long for the summer season so I can cruise one of the nations most beautiful lakes in my wonderful Donzi.


  1. I’ve got a 1968 16 Classic Donzi
    351 Windsor. $12.5
    Everything is original
    404 219 3602
    It’s on lake Oconee in Georgia

  2. I too have a Donzi. A 1988 22’ Classic, Testa Rosa edition. I always wanted a Donzi and I was fortunate enough to be on Face Book when it popped up suddenly. I called the number and talked with the son of the owner who had passed away. The family had bought the Donzi new and had maintained it all those years. After some research and found that series had only 12 made. The son inquired what I was going to use it for and I told him the story of my search for a Donzi to use with my family on lake Dora in Florida. He was happy that the boat would be used by a family. My son and I drove from Florida to Lake George New York and brought it back to Florida. The boat was in excellent condition and runs like a top. The Donzi has a covered lift and full cover when stored. It is used a lot on the Chain of Lakes.

    • I bought my Donzi Classic 18 in 1999 from an older gentleman (he was probably 60!) and on the test ride he made me attach the safety lanyard to my belt. I asked him why, and he said “This boat can throw you out.” I didn’t believe him. It hasn’t happened yet but several times it ALMOST has. The boat gets air eagerly, does an honest 63 mph on the GPS and it’s plenty fast enough for me. You come back from a speed run with the same feeling as bringing a fast motorcycle back into the garage. Great stuff.

  3. I’m in Washington state as well, I wanna do that, too but,
    All the really cool boats are on the opposite corner of the country in Florida and (of course as you have shown here) east cost.

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