Participating in hands-on symposia held around North America is one of the key benefits of an ACBS membership.

Recognized experts provide knowledge and advice to the beginner, the “do-it-yourself” person or those who just want to watch.

Topics covered at past seminars include wood boat repair, basic boat plank replacement, stripping, staining & varnishing wooden boats, marine engine maintenance, steering & mechanical issues, and fiberglass boat repair.

These symposiums are a chance to meet fellow classic boaters or people with similar boats and restoration issues that can help you finish that special project!

In addition, ACBS maintains a library of over 100 copyrighted videos showing all different types of boat restoration and preservation techniques.

But these videos are available only to members — so just become one!

Download printable schedules of Symposium Topics and Speakers

2018 ABM/ACBS Symposium Schedule – Clayton, NY, May 18-20

Scheduled Symposiums and Workshops