The Antique and Classic Boat Society is a large international organization!

ACBS has a great office staff of just three people, pictured on this website under CONTACT US.  They keep us organized and motivated.

But ACBS is a Volunteer Organization

Way over 10,000 individuals volunteered to be members. About 400 volunteered to be officers in their local chapters with even more contributing through committees. Then at the International level, there are members of the Board of Directors and an Executive Committee – all volunteers.

Vote for International ACBS Officers

Members (often a couple or family) are receiving a postcard allowing them to vote for the International ACBS Officers.  Every membership is entitled to vote on the ACBS officers.  You should know more about these volunteers.  Their biographies are posted on this site under ABOUT US.


Each volunteer membership, in a way, is a sponsorship of this organization, although the value of return is greater than the dues.

ACBS recognizes and appreciates all levels of sponsorship

  • Beyond the support provided through membership dues, the organization has some MAJOR SPONSORS.  You see their logos scrolling by in the right-hand sidebar.
  • Under RESOURCES you will find a list of SUPPLIERS of just about anything having to do with classic boats.  This is a searchable index of businesses that especially know about your classic boat needs.
  • Also under RESOURCES is a list with links to the ACBS ASSOCIATE MEMBERS, typically members and small businesses who give extra support.

Many of you come to this site just to see the pictures of beautiful vintage boats.  So now that you’ve looked through this post, you deserve a picture or two.  Skip just about anywhere on this website, and you’ll find what you are looking for.

The headline picture at the top of this post was taken eight years ago by Forrest Bryant on Grand Lake, Oklahoma, at the boathouse of Bob and Linda Kanak.

You’ll find out more about the picture below in this coming Saturday’s post recognizing one of our Associate Members.  Stay tuned!

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