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I recently worked for a guy who bartered my labor for an old wooden boat.

I’m not sure what I have here but after pouring over hundreds of images I have as of yet to see any like it.

The only tag is an obc tag rating it for a 25hp motor. The only other distinguishing feature is the steering wheel has the bust of a knight, with the words “custom” “quality” and something else.

Anyhow, this old wooden runabout has the driver’s cockpit in the back, and a passenger one in front. All the other boats I’ve seen are the opposite. It’s 13.5′ long. Kind of an odd size. If anyone can help me identify this boat I would love to find out the history of where it came from. Please “Leave a Comment” at the bottom of this page if you can give me a clue.




  1. Looks a lot like a Thompson from Cortland, NY
    the Thompson’s still live in the Cortland area and could help you ID
    If it is…….

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