By Jane Bane, Secretary, Nor Cal/Lake Tahoe Chapter

1. We are encouragers because we care about each other.  We share ideas in order to include all members in each activity.  Those who have knowledge in certain areas share it with all, and enjoy doing so.  We value giving help, advice, and time to improve our club.  We encourage each other to ‘think outside the box’, and be creative.

2. We have gifted and dedicated members who work toward our Chapter’s success.  Our dedicated individuals keep us informed with our award- winning Western Wood Magazine , Web Page, and yearly designed Postcard.  These forms communicate invitations, updates, explanations, calendars, safety plans, trading docs, boat restorations, and they are cleverly and beautifully organized.

3. We have the Original Lake Tahoe Woodie Whoopies.  The purpose in mind is to develop a calendar each year listing places for members to meet and enjoy each other’s company on the shore of Lake Tahoe without having to spend a lot on a meal or a hotel room, but to be able to take in the beauty and nature of the Lake and encourage friendships.  We bring our own food and a dish to share.  Everyone is invited whether a member or not.  We usually have 4 or 5 Whoopies a year and some are held at members’ homes on the Lake.

4. We plan fun events.  We have 4 weekend events throughout the year which are organized around our Board Meetings.  We hold these events in various places across California and take in the activities of that area over a 2 or 3 day time period.  Often the weekend relates to seasonal functions.  Examples include race car driving small cars around an indoor track, attending an African-like Safari atop a Land Rover, visiting Hearst Castle, and a myriad of other adventures viewing collections and places.  Some venues include fun boating or non-boating activities.  We play games.  We laugh and have fun.


5. We include everyone who wants to join the fun. We realize we are a Boat Club first, but some of us who are between boats or are not motor heads still want to be included, so our members give deference to these individuals offering them rides, friendships, activities.

6. We are clear about out duties.  Our extensive list of Board Member Tasks, as per our By-Laws, is kept up to date, handed out yearly, and includes Standing Committee Duties.

7. We are well organized.  Part of our Mission Statement includes our efforts to help fund not-for-profit and 501c3 organizations that are in support of our purpose: to share knowledge and educations of preserving, restoring, and retaining the heritage of antique and classic boats.

8. We are generous.  Our Philanthropy Committee oversees the disbursement of funds, fund raising and fund investments with direction from our Treasurer.  We donate yearly to non-profits such as Sea Scouts, Mothers in Need, or others designated by our Board of Directors.


9. We encourage the young to have interest in boating.  One of our members has organized activities at a weekend event for children to craft and paint boats hopefully giving them an interest in boating.

10. We honor members who have made advancements in our Chapter giving awards/trophies/gifts to those who GO ABOVE AND BEYOND.


  1. Jane, kudos to you and your chapter! We’d love to clone your chapter, but in lieu of being able to do that, thank you for sharing these ideas. The ACBS Chapter Development Committee needs examples like yours to help other chapters that are struggling. You may see some of these ideas pop up on the Chapter Resource page which we are developing. If you have other thoughts on this topic, please reach out to me or one of the other committee members.

    • Thank you, Judy, for the positive comments. We really do have an awesome group of “I’ll do it!” people in our Nor Cal Lake Tahoe Chapter. Makes boating even more fun. Jane

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