Ridiculous is a 1960 GlassPar 17′ Seafair owned by Greg and Diann Kuhl of Saint Peters, Missouri.

Ridiculous is powered by a 1960 Mercury Outboard with 115 hp.  The Kuhl’s are members of the Mississippi Valley Chapter and the Heartland Classics Chapter of ACBS.

So, what’s in a name?

This eye-catching little boat gets lots of attention wherever it goes and the owners are often asked about the name.  This is the story that goes with Ridiculous:

Ridiculous was purchased in 2009. Greg bought the Glasspar with the intention of selling the parts, as the boat was in horrible condition.  But once the boat was in the garage, his wife Diann thought the boat was cute so Greg decided to restore the boat.

The restoration of the boat took roughly two years.  Greg did the restoration work himself except the upholstery.  He replaced the transom, stringers, floor and majority of the fiberglass repairs prior to painting the entire boat.  He added custom accessories, such as gunnel storage and a rear seat.  The original color was a drab green and white but we wanted something fun and bright, hence the colors blue and yellow.

We named the boat “Ridiculous” due to the amount of time and money it took to restore the boat.

Unfortunately, we do not know the history of the boat.

Thanks, Diann and Greg, for sharing this fun story – as well as your work to save another boat.

The Antique and Classic Boat Society is made of people who love old and vintage style boats.  Not all members own boats – but they do love them.  Just as Greg learned a lot in restoring this GlassPar, he shared that knowledge with other members in his home chapter and they, in turn, helped him along the way. 

So many different vessels are part of this organization; all ages, sizes, purposes, and construction.  And they come in various conditions – ready for owners to enjoy in the water, or enjoy the journey of restoration.

Consider JOINing our membership to gain the most out of your interest in classic boats and boating.

If you already have a boat with a story, please share it by sending an email with up to six pictures to kathyparker@acbs.org

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