By Gary Fesperman, ACBS Secretary and member of the Blue Ridge Chapter.

Several members of the Blue Ridge Chapter, the “5200 Bottom Gang,” got together to install the outer bottom planking on two boats in three days last week. The first boat was a 1965 17′ foot Chris Craft Ski Boat owned by Lee Mapp and the second boat was a 1952 Chris Craft Continental that is being restored for a customer by Al Olsen. Both bottoms were installed using 3M 5200 adhesive which equates to 30-35 tubes per 17′-18′ foot boat.

The first boat was completed on Wednesday. The second boat was completed on Friday. Each member of the 5200 Bottom Gang has a specific job. Two members put on the 5200, two more members put the pre-bent bottom planks in the correct order and position and drill the pilot screw holes, and two more members install the correct length screws. With 5-6 people working, all of the outer planking can be installed in 5-6 hours on a 17′-18′ boat. This crew does both sides at the same time starting at the keel and working outward to the chine. Working on these 2 projects were Al Olsen, Lee Mapp, Jack Gidley, Bryan Wheeler, John Heiderich (BRC President), and Gary Fesperman (ACBS Secretary). Both days were rainy and cool so the inside work was a great way to spend the day having fun with the guys and talking boating.



  1. All in thanks to a man named Don Dannenberg, who introduced the this technique to the wooden boating community… and me! Thanks Don…..

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