Remember the kid in pajamas who was helping his Grandpa fill holes and take the hardware off of an old boat?

The preliminary work was done on a 1941 17 foot Chris Craft Barrelback by Jake Amsbaugh and his son and grandson.  Then LAMB CHOP was taken to the Antique Boat Shop for “a FACIAL” after all these years.

Thanks, Jake, for sending these photos and an update as work progresses.  Jake says, “She is trying to get all dressed up in time for BOAT THE BLUE in September.

It looks like the bottom work is done, and the boat is solid again.  LAMB CHOP has been stained and sealed.

Jeff Funk posted on the Antique Boat Shop Facebook page these instructions about how to artfully create the deck seams:

We receive a lot of questions about how we do our deck seams. First, stain and seal the boat. Scuff in preparation for the first coat of varnish, wipe down with cold water and dry. We use Sikaflex Lot 291, blue tape, and a hand caulk gun…the battery ones are harder to control the flow. 

Move forward when caulking, otherwise you’ll get air bubbles. We use the plastic nozzle from another tube to make the concave seam. Pull the tape off away from the seam in a slow fluid motion. Clean up any mess with mineral spirits. And voila! Clean seams.

Take your time, it’s a long and messy process to get right. Let sit for a day or two, then she’s ready for varnish. After your last coat she’ll be ready for white paint to make those seams pop.

Jake, your anticipation is contagious!  We can’t wait to see the finished product, hopefully, full of the family having fun.  Thanks for sharing the progress.

And Jeff Funk, thanks for sharing the tips from a pro.  Former ACBS President, Jeff and his crew love turning out these beautifully restored antique and classic boats from the Antique Boat Shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Have you kept a log of the restoration of your boat?  Please share it with some pictures.  

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