We recently received the following message at Headquarters that highlights a benefit of ACBS membership that you don’t normally think about, and asked if we could share it with all of you.


To Blue Ridge Chapter of ACBS,

I am sending you this note to let you know how our ACBS International membership is an amazing network. Also to recognize 2 of your members who were recently willing to come to my aid at my time of need.

Here’s the story:
My husband, Richard, and I were driving to Mt. Dora, Florida from Muskoka, Ontario to enjoy 2 months of sunshine and attend the Sunnyland Boat Show in Tavares. We were towing a boat and on our 2nd night of the trip stopped in Rock Hill, South Carolina for the night. After checking in to the hotel we walked over to Applebee’s for dinner. We were both exhausted and I inadvertently left my black purse on the black seat of the booth.

Unfortunately the next day we were 3 hours into the trip before I realized my purse was missing. A few phone calls later it was confirmed that Applebee’s had the purse and agreed to send it to our Florida address.

A couple days later no purse had arrived. Without going into all the frustrating details and the many phone calls, our good friend in Tavares, John Howard (a past president of ACBS International), suggested we check the ACBS International Directory for members in Rock Hill, SC. We did and I called the 2 members listed there, Walter Hardin and Roland Harper. I left both of them messages explaining my dilemma. Then I tried Applebee’s one more time and this time connected with a manager, who took charge and immediately sent my purse off with UPS. Not long after both Walter and Roland phoned me back with very generous offers to help if Applebee’s didn’t follow through. My purse did arrive intact, but it was so comforting to know that there were ACBS members who were willing to help me out if I needed them. That is one benefit of membership we didn’t expect to need but we truly appreciate.

Thank you Roland and Walter for your kindness.


Karen Terry, Sunnyland Chapter

We thank Karen for sharing her story, and thank Roland and Walter from the Blue Ridge Chapter for doing what they could to help a fellow ACBS member. In our brochure listing the reasons to join ACBS we don’t list “to have some one pick up your purse or wallet when you leave it behind.” But Karen’s story is a great example of how our international network of members not only share a passion for vintage boating, but is a network of friends that are there to help you in your time of need, whatever it may be. Hopefully no one else has this experience on their way to Tavares this week, but if you do, or if your trailer breaks down and you need some help, remember to look where you are and check the online directory to see if their is another ACBS member in the area that you could call and ask for a helping hand.

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