Photos provided by Neil Satterly, ACBS Adirondack Chapter and Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club

Last weekend, June 24-26th, the Michigan ACBS Chapter held their 2022 “Where It All Began” Antique and Classic Boat Show at the Algonac Harbour Club in Algonac, Michigan. This was the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Chris-Craft! By all accounts coming in, folks are saying it should have just been called THE BIG CHRIS-CRAFT SHOW!

The show was held on the old Chris-Craft grounds, so it was truly a home coming for most of the boats. And there were boats and more boats … not only on display, but in use! All shapes and sizes of Chris-Crafts going all the way back 100 years to 1922. There were runabouts, utilities, racers and cruisers. Even a few special Chris-Craft Land Cruisers were displayed on shore.   Fun was had by everyone and the history of Chris-Craft was seen and celebrated all around town. Folks who visited could even go past the house where Chris Smith built his first duck boat!



Aloganc Show site at the former Chris-Craft factory and harbor.

1922 Chris-Craft Hull VI “Godfather”

The Algonac-Clay Township Historical Society Community and Maritime museums has special exhibitions for the 100th year anniversary of Chris Smith and Sons Boat Building Company (Chris-Craft).


Here are a few more of Neil’s photos to enjoy. Thank you so much, Neil, for sharing! And congratulations to the Michigan Chapter for hosting such a wonderful event!


  1. Thank you for the great report and thank you to all the folks that made our 100 year birthday party a great event . It was a fun and memorable weekend for the Michigan chapter!

  2. Thank you Neil, we, the committee putting this show together, worked for almost a year to make this our best show ever.

  3. Looked like an exceptionally memorable event! Would have loved to of been there with my ’55 Capri. Is there a poster available (a copy of the article artwork)? Would love to have a copy! Someone please let me know.

    Thanks a bunch!

  4. Thank you so much, Neil. This comment is very late, but your words and pictures are so much appreciated. My boat show team worked for hard to make this show the best ever and it was. Was great to meet you, thank you for coming and the wonderful pictures.
    Gale Woods
    Commodore of the Michigan Chapter

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