by Joe & Patti Silipigno members of the Adirondack chapter

We purchased the Boathouse as our summer home in 1997 which entailed a major renovation from top to bottom. It was in the year 2000, upon retirement, that we decided to turn our home into the Boathouse Bed and Breakfast. We had always envisioned a wooden boat in our boathouse to complete the house. We knew that it would have to be a HackerCraft, as George Reis, the Gold Cup Speed boat racer and first owner of the house had one. It became our mission to bring a Hacker home.

In 2006 we had this 33’ HackerCraft sport built for us and while it is not an antique or a race boat, it is the icing on the cake that was needed. This fabulous boat was built in Hague, NY. We were fortunate to follow her progress from beginning to end as we live only a few miles from the factory. Its sleek design, mahogany wood and twin 454 engines make the ride smooth and inviting. We affectionately call her Miss Boathouse.

We soon realized that as much as we shared our home with our guests, the Miss Boathouse was meant to be shared as well. Over her 14-year lifespan, The Miss Boathouse has seated hundreds of Boathouse guests for a morning tour in our Queen of American Lakes, Lake George. That wasn’t her only mission, she has been host to proposals and wedding shoots.

The Miss Boathouse today might not be considered an antique boat but her classic design and features have fooled many a boat enthusiast. To us she is as collectible and valuable as any wooden boat that graces the waters of many lakes, but especially our beloved Lake George.

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