by Tom Kranz member of the Chesapeake Bay chapter

The 37’ Egg Harbor Sportfisherman that would later be named “The Classic Egg” (she needed a few years on her yet), was delivered to its original owner in 1962 when its current owner, me, was 5 years old, in Northern Ohio for use on Lake Erie. That gentleman sold it within a few years to our next door neighbor who soon learned that boating and an otherwise busy life and having two teenagers, perhaps didn’t mix well. The neighbor talked my Dad into becoming a partner in the boat and within a couple years in 1967 (I was 10 by then), my Dad bought the boat outright.

Docked at the Vermillion Yacht Club (OH), the boat was about 45, from our home and most non-winter weekends were spent on the boat. Lots of great memories including the Islands (Kelly’s and the perch basket at the Village Pump, Bass and Sister Islands, Rattlesnake, Put-In-Bay), scoring the last ride of the day on the Blue Streak at Cedar Point before sleeping on the boat in the marina there, water skiing. Trips up the Detroit River with Dad’s customers for the unlimited hydroplane races in front of the Rooster Tail Restaurant and sometimes, through Lake St. Clair and on up to Lake Huron, not to mention sitting off Burke Lake Front Airport every Labor Day Weekend for the annual Cleveland Air Show with Mom’s fried chicken, YUM!. I so thought the Blue Angel’s planes were going to collide with the antennae!

Dad called me one year in the late 80’s to tell me that the keel had dry rot and solicited my thoughts about whether he should incur the expense of replacing it. I said something like “Dad, you love her, go for it!” He did and continued to love her until his passing in 1998. I vividly remember helping Dad walk down the dock and get on the boat for my last ride with him, when he admitted that he was afraid of his upcoming operation, Dad had complications from the procedure and didn’t make it. I was there that day with Mom and my sisters. We went out on The Classic Egg that afternoon. Why?! Because it was a beautiful boating day and Dad would have expected it of us! I really miss my Mom and Dad but know they’re smiling every time I step on board.

Dad swimming from the Egg

The then retired owner of the marina who had done much of the work on The Classic Egg over the years, Von Ellis approached my Mom and offered to take the boat. The family had no other plans for the boat at that time so Mom said ok. Von had the boat for almost 4 years and put thousands of personal hours into it. Talk about a labor of love! She was spectacularly beautiful! My brother and I did chuckle however, when we went below and found charts of the area on the dinette with notes from Von, warning us of various hazards. We felt like 16 year olds being handed the keys to the Vette rather than two adults who had not only grown up on those waters, but also on that boat! What a fun weekend!! Tragically, Von was on the boat the following weekend and encountered one of the above-mentioned hazards, putting a hole in the hull.

We bought the salvage rights from the insurance company and I called Von with a deal. I said that if he’d be ok with it, I was ready to take the boat.
Von didn’t hesitate: “Repairing the boat is a given, and nothing would make me happier than you or your brother taking your Dad’s boat.” (That part of the story still brings tears to my eyes…what a class act!)

During my possession, major repairs have included replacing the port shaft log, replacing what I call the nose of the boat (right on the bow at the waterline), and a full repower with Marine Power small block GM carbureted 350s…oh yea, painting, painting and varnishing!

Cambridge and the Eastern Shore of MD on the Delmarva Peninsula called us three years ago and after finding another covered slip at Yacht Maintenance, The Classic Egg joined us of course. Today trips include up and down the Choptank River, to Oxford or Suicide Bridge, around the corner to St. Michaels, across the Bay to Annapolis or…to Solomon’s for those concerts. The next big trip is taking that college graduated son and his buddies on a 10 year anniversary trip!


    • Thanks Greg, appreciate the kind thoughts. So far 4 generations of my family have been aboard. Can’t wait for the fifth!

  1. Ah, the angle of thew shot! The lead picture of the starboard side minimized the pulpit or anchor rigging, and the bow looked rather stumpy. But then the full port-side view on the video opening reassured me of the true classic long lines of the bow…and all the grace therein!

    Maybe it’s because I’m an amateur photographer, and am sensitive to my “bullnose” Chris-Craft Continental, but I find that just like the right light, the angle too has to be flattering!

    Thanks and best wishes with your Classic Egg.

    • Pointing and shooting is the extent of my photography skills Ray! Of course I don’t think I took a single shot in the article. Anyway, I assure you the lines are classically beautiful! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for a great story. Again it proves that we are just the custodians of these beautiful craft and while caring for them, we get so much love in return! Family memories are so precious and for most of us the happiest moments of our lives are spent on the water! Keep boating!

  3. The boat looks fantastic! Thanks for keeping alive one of the prettiest designs to come from the New Jersey boatbuilders.

  4. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful legacy! Family memories are timeless, especially when they revolve around boating. Great video & music! Very classy!

  5. Wonderful story and Beautiful Boat! I hope you are planning on bringing her over to the Antique and Classic Boat Festival in St Michaels over Father’s day weekend. She is a show stopper and would be a dream to see.

  6. The boat looks awesome! As a kid out of High School In the mid eighties I spent a few summers taking care of the Classic Egg for your parents while docked at the Vermilion Yacht Club. Teak work and general cleaning so the boat was ready for the weekend. Your dad was kind to me and I was lucky to have worked for him on such a beautiful boat.

  7. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and comments! The hull is wood to answer one of the question and definitely NOT for sale. I’d love to do the St Mike’s classic show but it just doesn’t work for my schedule. Some day! My son is going to appreciate the comments about the video, that was from his drone.

    I’ve been on board with 4 generations of my family…so far! Looking forward to entertaining the fifth!

    Rich Osberg, WOW, what a small world. We should chat! What part of the world are you in today? How do we connect?

  8. What a beautiful, classic boat! I first saw a photo of it back in 2019 and have been trying to find out more about it ever since. I’m in the Whitsundays Queensland, Australia and see this as the perfect vessel for cruising the islands around this area, relaxing and fishing. I would love to see more images of the interior and fit out, if that is possible? Where could I get the plans of this classic boat? I would love to have it recreated here with some of Tasmania’s beautiful timbers that are ideal for boat building. Loved the story of the “Classic Egg” Tom, and I’m so pleased to know that it is very much loved and remains in the family. A credit to you all!

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