Compass Rose started life as a one-off tuna fisher. She was built in Nova Scotia in 1959 for a private party and never used in commercial service. Thirty-nine feet long with a twelve foot beam she has a classic downeast hull form which is efficiently driven by a 300 horsepower diesel. The hull form has more rise to the shear line in the stern compared to the typically flatter lobster boat stern. And the wheelhouse is slightly more amidships than typical but otherwise is similar in design to other local workboat designs. There is no generator, water pump or refrigeration on-board as the shipboard systems are all of simple and uncomplicated 12 volt design, and essentially as originally built. There is propane on board for cooking and for a cabin heater. She was bought from the original owner by a Harpswell Maine native in 1991 and restored to present condition in Boothbay, Maine. At that time she was extensively repaired, refastened and the hull was strengthened with a WEST system installation. A new Volvo-Penta TAMD 61 diesel was installed as well as all new mechanical systems. Since then, Compass Rose has had two owners and has reliably remained dry and in good repair. Moored in Harpswell Maine, her duties these days are confined to picnic cruises and family outings on Casco Bay.

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