By Robert and Dayna Gibson, Heartland Classics Chapter

This tale begins many years ago at The Mahogany and Chrome Boat Show on Grand Lake of the Cherokees in Northeastern Oklahoma. The boat was owned by Guy McCollum who attended that show. We became friends and Guy began to immediately identify that I had a real interest in his boat. A few years went by, and we again met at the Keels and Wheels show in Seabrook, Texas, where his 1968 Century was once again on display. Guy then indicated that the boat might be for sale, to which I ultimately declined.

Now here comes the rest of the story. The following year at Keels and Wheels, during the show my wife Dayna and I were at the pool and up walks Guy Mccollum. I began to compliment Guy on how good his boat looked on display, to which he responded, “Why don’t you buy it!” So the story goes, we agreed on a price, the hands were shook, and Dayna my wife breaks in with, “Bobby you’re not going to back out this time”! I didn’t dare! So at that point The 1968 Century Resorter was ours! Now I might add that one of the main reasons I was attracted to the boat was it’s engine, a 390ci. Ford Interceptor! A real deep breather! The only thing that I have changed on the boat was the trailer. I had a custom tandem trailer built for it. This makes it a beautiful matched set. I have numerous Century’s in my collection but this boat is one of my favorites. The only sad thing about this whole series of events is that my friend Guy McCollun who I bought the boat from died a few years ago! Guy was a great man ,a good friend, and one who had a wonderful love affair with Century Boats! God Bless you Guy, and thanks for your friendship, and sending the 1968 Century Resorter that I named “My Passion” my way!


  1. I was friends with Guy also. He displayed this boat at our Wood, Waves, & Wheels Show on Eagle Mountain Lake for many years. Sadly yes Guy has passed. I was there at his funeral and still stay in touch with his wife and child.

  2. Funny how things work out. Guy’s family posted they were interested in selling his 1966 Century Resorter. I ended up buying it only to find out that my wife had known Guy in high school. Guy was also a long-time member of North Texas Wood Boat Association which we too were members, so several other members were very familiar with the boat. We’re so pleased to have become the new caretakers of this little boat. We promise to continue to care for it as Guy would have.

  3. I had no idea this all happened I was very little when he had that boat and I love to see how many funny story’s he had to tell me but died before he could.

    Jackson McCollum

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