By Gregory Plummer member of Payette Lakes Chapter

Our boat is a 1962 Chris Craft Holiday Super Sport 18’. She was built in Michigan at the Chris Craft Factory and spent time in Michigan and Alabama. I am the Third owner of the boat. The original owner kept the boat for 39 years. The second owner purchased her and took her to Alabama. She went through a complete restoration except the upholstery in 2009. At that time the owner completely replaced the bottom and put on a no soak 5200 bottom,they rebuilt the upper half of the original engine- a Chris Craft 283(185hp). The owner then moved to Australia and Laura and I purchased the boat in 2018 and had her moved to our home at Cascade Lake Idaho.

We had the upholstery entirely replaced to the color scheme in the photos. We showed her last year at the Payette Lakes Chapter which is where the photos are from. We live on Lake Cascade where she spends most of the time in the summer however we travel to Payette Lakes, Cour de Lane lake and local lakes around.

God willing, she will remain in our family for years to come.


  1. We had a 62, 63 CC 18’ Holiday , but the interior was black and gold, I am thinking 63 because of interior. NICE BOAT

  2. It’s a beautiful boat! It would be interesting to know which plant in Michigan it was built at. A lot of the boats that were not Cruisers were built at the plant in Cadillac. That plant burned down in a fire a few years ago and I have been to the site. It may have been a manisfestation but I could swear there was still the hint of mahogany and varnish in the air! I hope your family has many years of enjoyment!!

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