The Antique and Classic Boat Society is the central hub of the Vintage Boating World.

Once a person finds an interest, even a passion, in a particular pursuit, it’s amazing how frequently that interest becomes ingrained into their life.  

Vintage Boating will be on their reading list, ACBS events will determine when and where vacations are taken, friendships will form around the common interest.  This passion becomes part of the family budget, even the family business.

Recognizing that there are additional ways to supplement an ACBS membership’s benefits, ACBS provides lists of

  • Maritime Museums which feature vintage pleasure craft, vintage working boats, and traditional boat building

  • Marque Clubs which focus their interest on one manufacturer or type of vintage boat.

These lists are under the Resources Tab on this website.  They include contact information.  Museums and Marque Clubs are invited to submit event information and news reports for this website.

The poster shown here was designed by Don Heckerman for the North Coast Ohio Chapter’s exhibit at the Cleveland Ohio Boat Show.  It represents ACBS, the Maritime Museum of Sandusky, and the Lyman Boat Owners Association.

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