Water Wonderland Chapter and Maritime Classics Held Winter Workshop on Saint Patrick’s Day

Report and photos by Dennis Hansen, Event Organizer

This last Saint Patrick’s Day, a group of 32 members of the Water Wonderland Chapter came together for a full day workshop at Maritime Classics in Traverse City, Michigan, led by Mike Green, the award-winning owner.  Assisted by Trevor O’Connor, the two covered topics including stripping, sanding and varnishing, polishing, and pinstriping. 

Attendees gave great reviews of the event!

In addition to the presentation, they had an opportunity to connect with one another during breaks and the box lunch that included Traverse City Cherry and Apple Pie. 

A special treat was the opportunity to look over the boats that were being restored in his shop.


Those snowy winter days become productive for boaters to learn new skills, share their projects, and get ready for the spring weather that we’re now enjoying.

Whoever said that March wasn’t boating season in Michigan?


Thank you, Dennis Hansen, for sharing this report from the Water Wonderland Chapter.

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