ACBS has an active Awards Program aimed at:

  • Furthering the goals of the Society.
  • Encouraging its members and chapters to set ever higher standards and to constantly work toward those objectives.
  • Recognizing outstanding achievement.

The ACBS Awards Program at the International level has a variety of Awards that annually honor individuals, programs, and chapters.  Nominations for the recognitions are considered by the ACBS Awards Committee in July of each year, then presented at the Annual Meeting and Boat Show in September.

One such Award is the Hagerty Safety Award.  

Generously provided by Hagerty Classic Marine Insurance of Traverse City, MI, this award is given to an individual who prepares and has published in an ACBS related publication, the best article on boating safety. The award carries with it a monetary honorarium and each recipient’s name is engraved on a perpetual trophy retained at ACBS Headquarters.

Have you read and appreciated an article about a safety issue pertaining to boats and boating?  It might have been in your chapter publication, or a handout at a workshop, or even in the Rudder.  If the answer is YES, then you should nominate that article and its author! — by June 30th or before!  Complete nominating procedure and contact information will be found by clicking here.

Some examples of past winners are:

  • Several articles on trailering safety  
  • The dangers of inhaling fumes while varnishing
  • A quarterly series of safety issues written by the “safety director” of a chapter
  • The differences in required fire extinguishers
  • Beyond the basics in Life Jackets

What else have you learned from reading that helped you be safer?  Let the ACBS Awards Committee know.

Here are two other Award Areas to consider as the “Nomination Season” approaches. Nominations close on June 30th.

Chapter Newsletters and Magazines

These are automatically considered IF they are sent to the committee members. 

Chapter Websites

Chapter websites have been looked at periodically throughout the year by ACBS Awards Committee members.  Why more than once?  To see if the website is fresh and up-to-date over time.  This is the one ACBS Award that does not need a specific nomination.

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