All members of the boating community are welcome to post events on the ACBS Calendar.

How many of you plan your vacation times and family trips to include a boating event?  So besides the members in your chapter and community, others are interested in your events. Events may include workshops/symposiums, boat shows, one day rendezvous to week long cruises, even holiday parties.

The essentials of each event posting will also be printed in the Antique and Classic Boat Society’s quarterly magazine The Rudder.  If you want your 2017 events in the spring issue of The Rudder, the deadline for submission is March 1st.  That’s right – this week!

Events for the online Events Calendar may be submitted any time and will be posted within 72 hours.  You will receive notice when the event has been posted.  There are several points around the website where you can click for the submission form – or you may click right here to submit an event.

What should you include?  Remember this is an invitation to the world to come to your event.

  1. Title your event.  Include something that makes this year’s event title unique such as the year.
  2. When is it going to happen?  If it is only one day, you may give beginning and ending times.  If it is more than one day, include a brief outline of various event times in your message.
  3. Where is it going to happen?  Give the name of the venue and hopefully the address of where the event begins.
  4. State clearly who the contact person is and where more details will be available.

The following items may be added to make the invitation more enticing:

  1. Tell our viewers what makes this event and place unique or special.  Explain about any beneficiaries of the event.
  2. Let the viewers know what they can expect to see and what they might personally experience.
  3. Does the event cost money for the public? 
  4. Where do participants register?  Is there a deadline?

Pictures for the website may be added at the bottom of the form.


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