Spring has sprung and there are increasing chances to join in fun boating events.

Watch the events calendar for events that may be happening close to you – or which you might put on your calendar as a vacation destination where you can share the fun and passion found at ACBS events.

The Hot Springs Classic is happening this weekend in Arkansas.  It is the annual spring event of the Heartland Classics Chapter.  Of course there is a complete list of dining experiences intermixed with the boating and show, including BBQ, pizza, sushi, and more.

Early Friday morning, boats and Heartland members will gather at the lake home of Clay and Patty Thompson.  If you’ve seen the finish work done on Clay’s boats, you can imagine the beautiful work in progress being done on their lake home and yard.  The anticipation about what is new and different will be satisfied as their boats and home are visited.


Cruising to lunch on the lake will draw attention from many of the visitors in town for the famous horse racing event. There is always a crowd at the Fisherman’s Wharf at noon and cameras will be snapping. 


Garvan Woodland Gardens is a big attraction on Lake Hamilton.  It is owned and managed by the University of Arkansas to preserve natural habitat, for horticulture studies, and for the enjoyment of the public.  This year, the Heartland Classics Hot Springs Classic Boat Show returns to the docks of Garvan Woodlawn Gardens where the public will get a free show of vintage boats.  

What is your chapter planning?  

Please share the pictures and a bit of a story about where you have been, where you are going, and what boat you are loving right now.  

It’s easy to submit the information right here.  Let the WORLD and your neighbors know how much fun we are having in the Antique and Classic Boat Society!

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