… and some fun, too.

Today is the Summer Quarterly Meeting of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.  The International ACBS Officers and Directors are meeting in Port Huron, Michigan. Every Chapter President also has a vote at the meeting.  Pictured above is ACBS President John Howard and Vice President Rich Lepping.

What happens at these meetings?  It doesn’t stay at the meeting.

An important element is the “schmoozing”.  It’s a chance to put a face with a name, to shake hands for the first time with someone you have read about or even worked with through emails and phone calls.  It’s the opportunity to share successes and concerns from a chapter level or a committee level.  The exchange of ideas is continuous throughout the event.

That’s why the “meeting” begins with a reception for those gathering for the meeting and ends with even more interaction with the host chapter members at their scheduled weekend event.  The host chapter for this meeting is the Michigan Chapter who is having their “Where It All Began” event in nearby Algonac, Michigan.

Then down to business.  The agenda for the meeting includes reports from staff members and all committee chairs.  Each report is briefly a status report, and more importantly, a projection of what is planned going forward, and often solicits opinions and suggestions for action.  As an ACBS member, you have access to all reports and minutes of the meetings by clicking on “Members Only”.  Once you have signed into www.myacbs.org, the meeting reports are under the Resources Tab.  (if ever you wish to have help signing in to the Members Only site, call headquarters (315) 686-2628)

During this time together, Dan Gyoerkoe and officers and directors will have a chance to further their discussions and planning for this year’s Annual International Meeting and Boat Show which will be in Racine, Wisconsin, September 6-9, 2017.  There will also be planning for future ACBS meetings and shows, plus other work on ACBS projects.

Let our viewers know what is happening in your shop, on your boat, at your chapter event.  Send pictures and reports to kathyparker@acbs.org


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