Why did you join the Antique and Classic Boat Society?

Some of the newest members of the Heartland Classics Chapter were asked that question.  It’s a good question to ask so that as a chapter we can live up to their expectations.  There is a whole list of reasons to JOIN listed on the JOIN page on this website.  But most people have their own particular incentive.

Stephen Dagg said, “We joined because we wanted to be part of history with these beautiful boats and take ours on adventures.”

Being a member of ACBS will give Steve the opportunity to be part of ACBS events wherever they may want to travel as well as their local chapter events. Steve had also noticed the laminated “story card” displayed in many of the Heartland boats and wanted one of those to have in his boat as he took it out for the public to see. His boat is pictured above, the new “story card” below:

Another of the chapter’s newer memberships did not list a boat with their profile information.  When asked why they joined, this was the answer:

“I have long wanted to find an old boat, but have just retired and am considering projects to do.  I do not have any definite plans for now.  I grew up around a lot of classic wooden boats in northern Iowa, they were owned by wealthy families from Minneapolis/St.Paul etc.  I was always envious when I palled around with their kids.  Anyway, I will enjoy reading and talking about them in the future.”

Many people join ACBS for the stories and history shared in the ACBS Quarterly Magazine the Rudder.  Most chapters also have an additional publication for their members.  Just being part of the ACBS community provides an endless supply of vintage boat and classic boating stories.

If you are not yet a member of ACBS, you may receive a free copy of a recent Rudder Magazine by clicking here.

Better yet, JOIN ACBS and a chapter near you to become a member of this knowledgeable, generous, active vintage boating community.

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