At the top of the list of ACBS membership benefits is RELATIONSHIPS. 

And where do those relationships begin and grow?  At the Chapter level, for sure.

The Antique and Classic Boat Society is the parent organization with fifty-four chapters, each operating independently but within the mission of ACBS.  There is a chapter near you – at least within a day’s drive – that will share expertise and fun, even a boat ride if you join the activity without a boat.

How do you find that chapter?  

On this website, when you click on the word “Chapters” in the top banner menu, a world map will appear.  Zoom in on the map until you get close to your own address.  The red pins each represent a chapter.  Some chapters have members that live around one individual lake.  Others include a territory made up of multiple states.  The pin usually represents a central point of the chapter’s membership area. 

Once you click on one pin, the name of the Chapter appears with a central location of its membership. Then click on More details which will take you to the designated page about that chapter.  There you will see the events they have posted on this website as well as pictures and reports that have been sent in from their chapter.

Dan Gyoerkoe, Executive Director of the Antique and Classic Boat Society, included this statement to members after just two months in that position:

“I have quickly learned the most significant member benefit is the ACBS Community and the people that have a passion for boating and vintage boats. During my ACBS Chapter visits, I enjoyed listening to a variety of stories from ACBS members. Stories about the history of their boats, the lakes and rivers they have boated on and the friendships they have developed over the years.”

Of our current membership, 86% belong to a chapter – many belong to more than one.  Membership in a chapter supports the activities and events in which you are most likely to participate.  It also becomes the network where information is easily shared, teamwork is applied to projects, and genuine caring about one another takes place.

If you want more information on how to contact a chapter near you, call the ACBS Headquarters office. (315) 686-2628.

Get started today on making that new best friend.  

If you’re already in a chapter, invite someone in.

If you’re not in a chapter, join one.




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