Antique and Classic Boat Shows, Maritime Museums, Vintage Boat Auctions, Build-A-Boat Camps, and just friends meeting for a cruise in old boats.

Summer weekends are FULL of opportunities focused on the passion for vintage boats to share experiences with friends and the public.  Have you planned your weekend yet?


There is a list of Maritime Museums on this website under the RESOURCES tab.  Each one has a link to their own website.  Many sponsor their own boat shows, often providing the venue for a chapter boat show.  Museum offer classes about boating and boat building.

Big attractions this week include:

  • at the Hudson River Maritime Museum, a chance to board and tour The Galeón, a replica of the type of vessel used by the Spanish Crown for maritime expeditions from the 16th to18th centuries. Galleons were intended to discover and then establish trade routes between Spain, America, and the Philippines, and formed the then called Fleet of the Indies.
  • at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY, their annual boat show and world renown auction of antique and classic boats.
    While you’re there, stop in and visit the ACBS Headquarters staff.
  • New Hampshire Boat Museum is in the midst of a family boat build.  You’re too late for this year, but look it over and plan for next year.


The Events Calendar on this website lists places to go and things to do happening coast to coast and from now well into 2018.

This week the calendar starts with four events this coming weekend.  Pick your destination:

  • Clayton, New York – the Antique Boat Museum Annual Boat Show and Benefit Auction
  • Traverse City, Michigan – Boats on the Boardwalk
  • Madison, Wisconsin – Madison Area Antique and Classic Boat Show
  • Big Fork, Montana – Big Sky Annual Boat Show

These are all annual events, so if you can’t be there this year, maybe planning your vacation trip next summer can include these destinations – or others in the calendar.

Getting Out and About in Your Own Boat is a Show

Arriving in a vintage boat for breakfast on the Lake at a floating cafe becomes a show in itself. Going to lunch at the nearest Marina and Grill in your classic boat always draws a crowd. Watching the sunset near your neighborhood docks also shows the public the unique advantages of owning an Antique or Classic Boat.

Enjoy “showing-off”. Sharing your passion for vintage boats and the people who own them is part of the experience.  

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