In the heart of Erie County, a historic gem is being meticulously restored to its former glory. Built by the renowned Lyman Boat Works, this pre-war 24-foot Lyman Custom Runabout with an all-weather hardtop holds a special place in maritime history. Constructed between 1937-1940, only three of these hand-built beauties remain in existence today. One of them was originally owned by Oscar Lay, Vice President of Lay Brothers Fisheries, a pioneer in the world of freshwater fisheries in the era.


Now under the stewardship of the Maritime Museum of Sandusky, this historic boat is undergoing a period-correct restoration by Classic Marine of Vickery, Ohio. Watch the story unfold in a series of YouTube videos with an introduction narrated by Robert Grimm, an ACBS Member and one of the generous donors who are helping to make this restoration possible.

Oscar Lay’s Lyman: Restoring the Gull

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