Life Time 1964 Century Resorter

“Life Time”, a 1964 17′ Century Resorter, has come home.

In the fall of 1963, Bruce Bone, of Marble Lake Michigan, ordered a 1964 17’ Century Resorter from Holiday Marine on Lake James, Indiana.  It just so happens to be the only boat ever ordered from the Century factory with orange interior.  He brought it back to Marble Lake in the spring of 1964.  Living just a few cottages down on Pleasant Ridge was an avid 10-year-old water-skier named John Peters.  He was the first to ski behind the boat.  The Bones and Peters were family friends and still have family on the ridge, as they have for combined hundreds of years.  

Bruce Bone then becomes an enthusiast for wooden boats, purchasing more such as the famed “Triple Time,” a 1937 Garwood triple cockpit and “God’s Time,” a 1961 Century Coronado.  After the restorations of these and many others, Bruce decided to restore the Resorter because it was their original family boat.  It was named “Life Time.”

Later on, through Caruso’s Restaurant in Angola, Indiana, the Bones and Peters still remained friends.  Caruso’s was started by John Peters’ father-in-law Joe Caruso in 1976 and is now owned by Liat and her sister and brother.  While catering for the Bones on Marble Lake, a discussion started about getting Liat’s son, Joe, into Interlochen to study music.  Bruce helped get Joe into the academy where he completed high school.  

In 2008, Marty Maringer of Ft. Wayne moved into the same neighborhood as the Peters on Jimmerson Lake.  He restores his own Chris Crafts and Centuries.  Marty got Joe Peters into the hobby of wooden boats.  

In 2015, “Life Time” was advertised as being for sale.  It was then that Joe Peters seized the opportunity to own a part of the family history and purchase the 1964 Century most appropriately named “Life Time.”  The name will remain the same, as will her marking of Marble Lake, while she resides on her original home chain of lakes in Indiana.  

Story and pictures submitted by Joe Peters, a member of the Indiana Chapter of ACBS.

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