by Bill Carley member of the Mid Atlantic chapter

The 22′ Hacker Triple was built for only two years, 1947 and 1948. My boat is registered as a 1947 model although I was unable to determine the actual year it was built.

I purchased the boat in 1988 from Boyd Mefford. It was a gray boat and had no engine. Boyd had a Chrysler Royal straight 8 which he very kindly included in the deal. He delivered the boat and engine which sat in my back yard until 1990 when I constructed a 24′ by 36′ workshop behind my house.

In 2001 I retired and in 2002 I started the restoration which was 100% done by me. I worked on it 8 to 10 hours a day for six or eight months. As it happened, Don Danenberg had been writing a series of articles on boat restoration in “Classic Boating” which provided me with invaluable information, including a detailed tutorial on applying a 3M 5200 bottom. During that time the engine was rebuilt by Dave Van Ness.

The boat was used every summer at our summer home in the Thousand Islands until 2016 when that house was sold. It now sits in my workshop.

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