June is the month to submit nominations for the Annual ACBS Awards.

The Antique and Classic Boat Society has an Awards Program that recognizes outstanding achievement by Chapters and Individuals. 

These particular Awards are dependant on nominations mailed in from Chapter members:

  • ACBS Chapter of the Year
  • Mary Herwig Award
  • Rover Award
  • Hagerty Safety Award
  • Broken Gunwale Award

The following Awards are automatically considered by the ACBS Awards Committee:

  • Chapter Publication Awards – if they have been sent during the year to the committee
  • Chapter Website Awards
  • Chapter Growth Awards

What are the chances of your nomination being the winner?  ZERO is you don’t send a nomination to the committee!

Why make the effort?  Simply thinking about the worthiness for any award, especially with others, builds a sense of pride and renewal of enthusiasm.  Then putting those thoughts into writing makes it easy to share with your chapter members as well as the ACBS Awards Committee.  And as a bonus, the nomination might lead to an Award at the International level. 

NOW is the time to put together the nomination for Chapter of the Year.

This award is given to recognize one or more chapters who have been particularly outstanding in their development, activities, member participation, and other areas of improvement during the year. The nomination should reflect how the chapter is fulfilling the ACBS Mission through their planning and activities.
The following list may suggest points to include in the nomination. This list is by no means complete, nor does it suggest requirements for consideration. Wherever possible, include brochures, news reports, and pictures.

Percent of membership growth from July 1st through June 30th
Benefits of Membership Brochure and Membership Application (include)
Participation at winter Marine Dealer Boat Show (date & place)
Chapter’s long range plan for growth
Chapter youth judging program
“Build-a-Boat” children’s activity at a chapter event
Chapter kit boat program participation
Awarded a Junior Craftsman Award to a chapter member
Contributions to Scholarship Fund by chapter or chapter members
Annual Boat Show with official ACBS judging (date, place, & # of members)
Chapter Workshop/Symposium (date, place, & # of members)
Chapter organized in-water rendezvous (date, place, & # of members)
Additional events
Chapter utilizes and submits info to ACBS for Most Original Boat Award(identify)
Chapter utilizes and submits info to ACBS for Marque Club awards (identify)
Newsletter or magazine sent to membership (issue dates)
Web-site available and up to date / other social media used
Chapter’s Board of Directors meeting agenda is distributed to members
Chapter member’s article is shared in Rudder or another chapter’s pub
Local media coverage of events reaching general public
Chapter submits Year End Summary and New Officer Report on time
Chapter member attends at least one ACBS Board Meeting during year
Chapter member serves on ACBS Board of Directors or ACBS Committee
Chapter helps host an ACBS quarterly or annual meeting
Chapter submits a nomination for at least one ACBS Award

Mail nomination and supporting material to the ACBS Awards Committee listed here.

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