By Judy Hills, Roving ACBS Reporter

If you have never been to Disney World in Orlando, FL or if you have not been recently, you may think there is nothing of interest there for an ACBS member—but you couldn’t be more wrong!  The Boathouse at Disney Springs is not only an interesting nautical-themed gourmet restaurant, but it houses an absolutely fantastic collection of to-die-for antique & classic boats—in the water.

Eating at The Boathouse does not require entrance to the park.  It is part of the Disney Springs complex—a mixture of shops, entertainment and eating establishments.    The menu is American seafood and steakhouse cuisine.  You must have reservations!  You would be surprised at how popular this destination is. 

You and the family can take rides on many different types of watercraft including an Italian water taxi and a vintage amphicar.

Before or after dinner (we suggest before because you will be stuffed and want to fall asleep after), stroll on the docks and enjoy viewing the collection of antique and classic boats.  We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so we will mention only a few of these beauties:  God’s Time—a 1961 21-foot Century Coronado Runabout, Marilyn’s Meteor Mate—a 1956 14-foot Lone Star meteor Classic Glass Runabout, a 1956 14-foot Cadillac Sea Lark runabout, and My Little Princess—at 1958 14-foot Larson “Falls Flyer” Fiberglass Runabout.  If you want a really special treat—visit the docks at night.  The boats are uniquely lit and are gorgeous—even more beautiful than during the day!

  So the next time you are at the Sunnyland show in Tavares, do make it a point to spend one night in Orlando and visit The Boathouse.  It is definitely worth the price!

You are invited to be part of the ACBS website.  Our viewers are interested in seeing boats:

  • boats in action,
  • boats under re-construction,
  • boats being judged,
  • plus memories of boats you have loved in the past.

What are you doing this weekend?  Where have you gone with your boat this year?

Single pictures with a caption will be included in the Tuesday Tour of Vintage Boats.  More pictures with a story will be used in a news post.

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