Wasn’t it fun to pull up to the public dock in your vintage boat this holiday weekend?

“Wow!”   “How old is it?”   “How long have you had it?”   “Where did it come from?”   “Is it a lot of work?” 

And then the stories begin: “My Uncle had one just like it and he took me skiing…”  etc.  You have to be a good listener when you arrive in an antique or classic boat because of the memories that others want to share with you.

Be ready with your own boat’s story.  Each one is unique.  Share that loving a vintage boat is a ticket to a circle of friends who share fun, boat rides, knowledge, and skills.  Maintenance with modern products makes caring for a classic boat not much different than taking good care of a new boat.  Owning a unique classic boat is within monetary range and the value retention can’t be beaten.  Review the list from Woody Boater on the Cost of Ownership Is Less Than You Think.

Chapters welcome the opportunity to be the “Attention Getters” and the featured draw for the public at many local festivals, even commercial productions. Your Antique and Classic Boats are beautiful to see on land or in the water.

Here is an example where an ACBS Chapter took the opportunity to share what we all love:

On June 25th, the Tidewater Chapter showed a few boats at the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club’s 41st Harborfest. 

1964 Egg Harbor 37′ Sedan 

1964 Egg Harbor Sedan  

1992 Kalvalk 19′ Late Classic

The Tidewater Chapter also used George Lewis’ 1955 42′ Chris Craft Constellation to escort the Peruvian BAP UNION tall ship (379′).  Escort captain pictured in the headline photo above was Captain Keith Colonna, a member of the Tidewater Chapter of ACBS. 

George Lewis in 1955 Chris Craft Constellation

Thank you to members of the Tidewater Chapter for displaying boats and then also sharing them with us.  The pictures included today came from Keith Colonna.

Was your boat in a 4th of July parade on land or in the water? Were you part of the Canada Day Celebration?  Many Chapters are invited to Winter Boat Shows and summertime Marina festivals.  Continue the sharing on this website by sending pictures and captions to kathyparker@acbs.org 


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